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Innovation Day 2018 in Stockholm

Datum: 28 nov 2018
Tid: 09.00-15.30
Plats: EIT Digital, Isafjordsgatan 26, Kista

The international dimension of Innovation

A full day dedicated to cross-border growth and international innovation collaboration.



9:00 INTRODUCTION: Darja Isaksson (Director General, Vinnova)

10:00 MORNING SESSION: Conquering new markets – how digital innovation can succeed abroad

Sweden is one of the most creative countries in the world. Spotify, Klarna or Skype are just three names among many celebrated providers of innovative digital products and services that have their origin in Sweden and are nowadays major European and global players. Others had a promising future yet failed to grow internationally and either remained local actors or disappeared from the market completely.

So, what is it that allows companies to successfully scale up across borders? What internal and external factors are decisive to conquer new markets?


-Lars Wiigh – European Union and Business Development Executive, IBM (tbc.)
-Dolf Wittkämper – Head of EIT Digital Accelerator
-Karoline Beronius – CEO & Co-founder, Map Project Sweden
-Kye Andersson – Head of Brand and Communications, Peltarion
-Ivaylo Dachov – Managing partner, Checkpoint Cardio

12:00-14:00 LUNCH BREAK: Exhibition of EIT Digital Innovation Activities and Accelerator Scaleups

14:00 AFTERNOON SESSION: Internationalisation of Innovation – the Swedish ecosystem

‘One size fits all’ certainly does not apply to innovators trying to collaborate internationally or establish themselves on new markets. All of them have different prerequisites and goals and thus need tailored support to succeed. Some simply need capital to grow, others have a great innovation, but lack suitable local partners to turn it into a marketable product, others want to expand beyond Sweden and need input on market access.

What support can be found in the Swedish innovation ecosystem? Who are the players, what is their USP and how are they contributing to the internationalisation of innovation?


-Pia Sandvik – CEO, RISE
-Mats Nordlund – Director Research and Special Projects, Zenuity
-Henna Keränen – Community & Digital Marketing Manager, STING
-Amira El-Bidawi – Business Development Manager at Green:field, Vattenfall's Open Innovation Platform
-Tobias Schölin - Coordinator for Scania region's post 2020 Innovation Strategy
-Göran Olofsson – Node Director Sweden, EIT Digital

15:30 MINGLE

Aktiviteten arrangeras av EIT Digital.


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