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Datum: 7 nov 2019
Tid: 09.15-16.10
Plats: Aula Medica, Karolinska institutet, Nobels väg 6, Solna

A world without any diseases – science fiction or a reality? One thing is certain – we are getting closer to it and it starts in the lab with the scientists using the latest cutting edge technologies.

In 1900, the average life expectancy in Sweden was around 53. Today some claim that we shortly live to be 150. Researchers at Karolinska Institutet have recently found a new method for finding substances that prevent aging. The method has created a new way to interpret the cell’s own information in the transcriptome.

The latest research findings made by scientists at Umeå University shows that some severe cancers can be predicted by biomarkers through a simple blood-test up to 25 years before the disease debuts. Prediction of any disease before symptoms occur, by detecting bio-markers or using next generation gene-sequencing, are two key-factors for creating a world free from any illness. However life style factors are still of great significance for a healthy life.

The latest in cell biology, synthetic biology, precision medicine, gene-edtiting/genomics, proteomics and the latest of ”omics” - metabolomics are some of the topics that will be highlighted at the 7th edition of our scientific international partnering event Bioscience – Research through Innovative Technologies taking place in Stockholm at Karolinska Institutet in beautiful Aula Medica.

Bioscience 2019 will include a series of interesting lectures focusing on new technologies and applications as well as the latest results in research. Providing a platform for meetings and networking, the event is aimed at parties in both industry and academia. The seminar part comprises a series of brief, interesting presentations intended to stimulate curiosity and continued dialogue among delegates on the exhibiting floor.

Important target groups are researchers, PI's, and professors but also lab technicians, biomedical analysts, lab equipment procurement officers and pharmaceutical industry staff. Some 300 visitors and 25 exhibitors are expected and the meeting will be covered by the media. The event is free of charge for delegates and lunch will be offered thanks to our partners.

Bus transfer (free of charge) is arranged from Uppsala. The bus leaves Uppsala University at 8.00. At 17.00 the bus leaves Aula Medica back to Uppsala. Please register for the bus in the registration form.

Partnering meetings with other delegates during the event can be booked in advance. Please make sure you are registered for such meetings in plenty of time!

The one-on-one meeting system will open 2 weeks prior to the event and is free of charge.

Moderator: Sarah Lidé, strategic consulting for government, healthcare and life science;
actively involved in a variety of global and local consultancy projects related to national
and regional innovation and development.

Aula Medica, Karolinska Institutet

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